Aurora Innovations Commercial Growing--We sell totes, trucks, and bulk liquids
Organic starts with the soil
We are one of North America's largest importers of coco fiber and bat guano, and we manufacture in-house production of perlite, peat moss, and worm castings. We take pride in being able to fill any size order. We offer all our products in a variety of custom bulk sizes to suit any size of garden or commercial need.

BULK LIQUID / 15 / 55 / 265 gallons BULK SOIL & MEDIA / totes and trucks
Commercial Growing 15, 55, and 265 size liquids
Commercial Growing Tote size
Due to the popularity of our 5-20 gallon grow bags, we’re now offering
customized 2 and 3 gallon bags. Just request the Roots Organics product of
your choice, and we’ll fill a handy 2 or 3 gallon grow bag.

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