March 23, 2015
Everybody likes to see the fruits of their labor, and that includes us at Aurora Innovations. Gardeners from all over the world send us feedback and testimonials and we love that. Every so often, some customer feedback will brighten up our day so much that we feel compelled to share! Letters from Gardeners will exclusively feature real unsolicited customer feedback. For years we at Aurora Innovations have lived by the motto, “Changing the world, one garden at a time”, and it’s great to see that motto in action! Keep that feedback coming in, and your letter could be the next featured, Letters from Gardeners.

Hey there! It's about zero degrees outside here in the DC area, but you wouldn't know it in my little hobbyist grow closet! I have a passionflower that I brought in from outdoors. I cut it down to a VERY small size, and was unsuccessful at blooming them throughout the year. I have it growing under a 180w "full spectrum" LED in combo with a 125w daylight fluorescent in a 24 hour light situation. From the day I brought it in, I began feeding it regularly with mostly stuff from the Roots Organics Player Pack. Once I began to use to use the foliar sprays and the blooming nutrients about 2 weeks ago, the plant has responded ridiculously. It began to officially flower on the first day we got hit with about a foot of snow after having a very tame winter. These were all taken within the last 3 days. I would like to share some pictures with you showing the success I yielded with your product in conjunction with the LED lights. It is my first time having serious success with growing indoors, as it is my second year in practice. Your products obviously work well with Passionflowers, and here's the proof! I had many problems with outdoors with this plant, but once inside and on your feeding schedule, it flourished.

Thanks for making my winter just a little more brighter!

TJ Hitaffer, Dumfries, VA

Products Used:
Buddah Grow/Bloom, Trinity, Ancient Amber / Extreme Serene for foliar applications, HP2, HPK, Oregonism XL