October 29, 2015
Every summer Aurora donates soil and nutrients to local schools and gardens such as Churchill Community Garden, Food for Lane County's Youth Farm, Food for Lane County's Grassroots Garden, and Lowel School District Gardens.

Kalapuya High School sent us a letter to thank us:
"Dear Aurora Innovations, Thank you very much for the donation you made to our program of Roots Organic Potting Mix and Liquid nutrients. Our students used these products to propagate hundreds of organic vegetable starts in our greenhouse. Many of the starts were sold at our annual plant sale fundraiser and money raised will go to sustaining our school garden and greenhouse program. We used the potting mix to also raise plants for our spring and summer garden which is currently in production at our school. Food from this garden has been processed for our school lunch program and cooking classes with leftover produce donated to the Bethel Free Farmer's Market. Finally, due in part to this support, many of our students were inspired to grow their own gardens this summer and ended up taking home extra vegetable starts for their own use."

--Rich Dambrov, Teacher at Kalapuya High School

The following pictures are from The School Garden Project: